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When your kid hates you...

My son just told me that he hated me. It hurt though I understood.

What do we do when your kid hates you?

Do we get mad at him for saying something hateful?

Do we try to understand her point of view and try to figure out what she is really talking about?

Do we try to tell them they don’t really mean it?

Do we take it in stride and change our position so they take it back?

Do we try to make them understand the ramifications of saying that to another person who is not as forgiving as a parent?

Do we shut down on them and teach them tactics that hurt when people say negative things to us?

I’ll be alright... and just show the opposite of what is being displayed to me...LOVE.

But with a little bit of discipline and examples of how people who show hate are treated.

I’m sure the lesson will be a hard one but well worth the effort.  I know I had to learn it.  

The Hated Dad



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