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When can I vent?

People lead different lives. At face value, there are many that are worse than yours. The question I ask is...when are you allowed to vent and exhale the stress? For every individual out there, there is another one who would love to be in his or her shoes.

Sometimes I feel down and then say to myself "Bruh there are many who are worse than you right now. You went overseas and participated in war and some of those in your unit did not return. You survived the layoffs your company gave to many of your coworkers and friends. You are able to go and buy food where some only eat one meal a day to conserve what they have. And some wait in long lines because they have no food. You have hot water and an apartment."

Everyday another friend says they are depressed. And now I can't say it because then it will take away from the conversation as if it is a competition. Will I get a turn to vent or will I have to let it ride like I have for so many years?



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