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The Recurring Dream

Strange… how things stack up at certain times. I have had this recurring dream that I walk into my house and two women are sitting on my couch. As I walk in they stare at me and the only thing that is certain is that negativity smoothers the good air as I almost want to choke. It is obvious that it is a scheme and they are out to get me. In Stevo fashion I acknowledge them but act as if I don’t suspect a thing. As I walk away, one of them pulls out a gun and shoots me. As many times as I have had this dream and as real as it seems, I really believe this will happen. I have had this dreams ever since I was young man about 17. I do believe that this will be the way I die. I just hope that it is instantaneous. I always said that I was living on an extended life. I was not supposed to make it past 30. I feel as if I am on borrowed time.

Last evening (20 years later) my dream occurred again and the killer had a face…. Is this a premonition?



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