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The Baby Daddy better known as The Father

A negative term at best but what does it really mean...

Does it mean that even though my job causes me to be away a lot of time that I am a shitty father?

Does it mean I can’t be nice to Moms and we can’t have a great friendship?

Does it mean that I can not choose how things are done when I have my son (must I have Moms approval for everything)?

Does it mean that I have to do things that are outside the Daddy scope to keep in good faith like cleaning, buying stuff that doesn’t better the family as a whole, or making sure the plans are exactly how Moms like it?

Does it mean that I can’t want my child’s Mom to find happiness in a relationship to teach him how good life can be in a relationship?

Does it mean that I must be made to feel guilt as he spends 98% of the time with her even though I want to have it 50-50?  

Does it mean that money is the only thing that keeps the status quo?

Does it mean that I can’t be the Father in my child’s life even though I would accept a step dad who helps teach him about respect, love, and the tribulations of life?

Does it mean I have minimal contact with the Mom’s family because I am considered a quitter since we couldn’t get along in that way?

Sometimes I am not sure what I means but I just take my lumps like every other decent Pops who is not in the relationship wiith a Moms and continue to be the best Dad I can.  I will know if I am a good Father once he is grown.   His life and actions will tell me how good his Mom and I did.  I look forward to contributing a lot to that process.  And of course his talks with me will tell me how good I did.  

To all the Daddys out there... keep being the best father you can be... no matter if you are in the same house as your yunguns or not!!!!



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