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“Stay A Little Hungry”

Funny. One of the strangest things I remember after they thought I had a heart attack was the doc saying “Always stay a little hungry”.

I know as a big man he was talking about food but it stuck with me as an everyday message. I now see that those who stay hungry work harder and seem to produce better products. Once you believe your own newsclippings there is sometimes a drop off.

Entertainers (singers, comedians, artists) are still great but some of their best work is before they have “made it”.

Sports stars try so hard to win and once many have gotten paid with what “they are worth” they seem to not be as good.

Once some find their soulmate, many just let it ride on past love and a gap forms in the closeness. People get that promotion at work and then they no longer assist towards the goal. They seem to be the thing they complained about when senior coworkers didn’t help them.

I guess people get full and no longer need to eat.

As a big man, the doc’s words still resonate... “Always Stay A Little Hungry”.



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