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Same Story, Different Chapter

The world claims everyone is different but have you ever date people throughout life and get the same responses no matter what year it is? You describe what you want up front, they say they are cool but then the pressure starts after a few good moments to change you mind. I have learned to stay away from people because I cannot keep up with other's expectations. I have started to feel like I am toxic because I get in these same cycles over and over. I mean when does persistence become harassment? When two people meet they feel each other out and make decisions along the way. One of the joint decisions is "what will we be?" If both don't agree a choice has to be made on whether to continue, split, or do another evaluation a little later in the future. I admit when pushed I make space and then I start to push back when there is no more room.

One day I may find one to have that committed relationship with but I don't think I will ever be ready. So now I smile and understand that I will die in his own space. Will it be of old age or will my premonition of being shot to death come true? We will find out in time.



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