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Props to you Mama

I just got back from visiting my son and I must say that I have to give 'Mama' a lot of credit. I am a virtual Pops sometimes doing my military thang and now over 2000 miles away. It was hard saying bye to my son as every time he understands more and more that Daddy has to go back to his house and job in California. And his Mom takes care of everything from his schedule to his diet to his playtime to his becoming a man. It's hard being a part time Dad and seeing him grow up over photos and phone calls...missing those precious moments that we all hope to see (1st birthday, first steps, using the potty on his own for the first time). Hopefully I can get back to him in the next year so I can add to what she has already started. I could never take her place. She is the Bomb.... as are the majority of single Moms.

Props to you Mama....from your Baby's Daddy



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