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People Treat Politics Like Sports Teams… Win At All Cost

I didn’t vote from ‘92 to ‘17. In the military nothing changed much. "Stay and shape" and "know your job" was 80% of your life. We still went to train and fight bad guys. I always lived somewhere that wasn’t my home and everyone complained anyway. I’m out & my views changed. People REALLY HATE the other side to the point of not wanting to even look at common problems and solutions that affect us all. Now we just attack each other’s character instead of addressing the issues. I learned that any stat can be spun to make a point for your side of the proverbial aisle.

I am now learning that the needs of the people don’t run politics. Money does. My goal is to win the lotto and find some political friends who love my money and will help me with my "suggestions" for the country.



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