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Is there really a war on drugs?

I was talking to a good friend who I have known for almost 20 years. We both agreed that we start out in this world looking for comfort and never stop. We as humans are protected and fed for approximately 40 weeks and then a journey begins. When we leave the womb and enter the world unattached for the first time, you cry and look for something as good as the feeling of being connected to Mommy. Our first stop is a blanket, a hug, and kisses from those we love but it is not the same. We spend a lifetime trying to imitate that great feeling before our first breath but unfortunately we never find a way to get that ultimate high again. So we substitute it any way we can. We get it sometimes from interpersonal contact with friends, family, or lovers. We get it from job satisfaction and goal accomplishment. We attempt to get that high from a multitude of things to include drugs. Our search never ends because we will never match that "original" high and the good feeling we get trying to get close sometimes causes addiction... to the actions, drugs, or people that made us feel good. These people or things make us feel so good that we want to feel that good again and again and again. We are all a part of a drug trade that will never end as we look for that original high.



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