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Could You?

Have you ever looked at someone and could see that one person helping you complete your journey through life?

Could you compromise and swallow a couple of major positions you had on life?

Could you walk away from a few things that made up your uniqueness and still be whole?

Could the fact that the world and all its problems seemed to shrivel up while you were together influence you?

Could you look into that dark room on the right that says “Future” and walk in together?

What if someone said you had to go in 5 mins before your dream date?

What about 15 mins, 2 hours or 2 days after?

Could your mind avoid the negative thoughts that fly through the air like pipe bombs?

Could you battle those uncontrollable demons that arrive to destroy your sanity and create their own version of reality?

Could you showcase your flower to the world and keep that tingly feeling new?

Have you ever tried?

I have and one day I may try again.



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